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Terminal Services, VPN and Firewall Solutions

Security is the most important factor when accessing your e-mail, files and programs from a remote location. Terminal Services offers a quick, secure, reliable and remote network solution.

    Key Benefits:
  • Securely access your business network or workstation from any computer
  • Check your e-mail from home or while you travel
  • Efficiently access data using a minimal amount of resources from your own system
  • Run desktop applications on your server from any location
  • Share server resources with multiple users

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    A VPN is type of remote connection that:
  • Allows you to securely access your files from a remote computer or mobile device
  • Offers an inexpensive solution that is easy to setup

Firewall Solutions

Firewalls offer additional security protection to help prevent unauthorized users from breaking into your network. By installing a managed hardware-based firewall, you'll be able to:

  • Protect your files and data from outside intruders and hackers
  • Implement a cost-effective VPN solution that allows trusted users to access information remotely

Citrix Presentation Server : Top Customer Benefits

  • Access to applications for remote locations (such as multiple office sites)
  • Centralized Remote of applications
  • Access to applications over low-bandwidth connections
  • Sample customer comments:
  • "Presentation Server 4.0 is the major backbone of our IT infrastructure."
  • "We use it to add security to applications that have access to DB2 and to publish applications in branches so as to keep updating the applications centralized."
  • "[We like] the ease of Remote with the new console. The customization of the welcome page and the patch inventory Remote. Really super!"

Citrix Go To Assist : Top Customer Benefits

  • Improved customer service
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased ability to resolve problems in a single session
  • Sample customer comments:
  • "[We like] seeing product enhancements applicable to our business needs. Support has been helpful, and sales relationship is very good (as it was last year)."
  • "GotoAssist has allowed us to support our 30,000 customers in a far more streamlined, professional manner. Our customers have a high opinion of our support team and the service provided to them."

Citrix Go To Meeting : Top Customer Benefits

  • Ability to host unlimited meetings for one flat price
  • Ability to conduct impromptu meetings
  • Sample customer comments:
  • "I LOVE the addition of highlighter, pointer, drawing tool, etc. Especially since it's at no extra cost. Most other online services charge for these features. Citrix adds extra value for the money."

Citrix Go To My PC Corporate : Top Customer Benefits

  • Improved access to corporate resources
  • Reduced employee downtime when out of the office
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Sample customer comments:
  • "[GoToMyPC Corporate] has enabled me to complete project[s] faster with the collaboration it offers."
  • "[I] saved a lot of time troubleshooting problems with remote users, would [not] want to ever have to support without it again."

Citrix Net Scaler : Top Customer Benefits

  • Core L4-7 application networking functionality (load balancing, content switching, etc.)
  • Accelerated performance of applications

Citrix Access Gateway : Top Customer Benefits

  • Secure remote access to applications and information
  • Ease of access for end users

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