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Technology System Integrator delivers innovative information technology consulting services and solutions. These services and solutions allow government agencies to integrate disparate systems, focus on core services, and improve government processes. Technology System Integrator offers a full life-cycle of information technology solutions, from needs analysis and requirements definition through implementation and ongoing operation and maintenance. These services can be offered as one solution or independently depending on customer. After needs Technology System Integrator provides unique and focused consulting services, specializing in the following service areas

Strategic Planning

Our staff of experienced professionals can help you deliver business and organizational management solutions that allow you to scale and align your core competencies to your enterprise goals. Whether your challenge is determining a realistic technology roadmap for your agency or getting buy-in for a long-term strategy that aligns IT with the business, our team brings the talent, experience, and methodologies to develop a plan you can actually fund and implement.

Program Management

This area is the genesis of Technology System Integrator and continues to be one of our most important capabilities. Sound management principles are the foundation of any successful program, and we are experts at helping you to establish this vital discipline throughout your organization. Our PMO team can offer you proven solutions in the areas of Project Management, Capital Planning & Investment Control, and Business Case development (OMB300) just to name a few. We bring a wealth of knowledge and most importantly, a history of success to the areas of Change Management and Risk Management. Our approach to Integrated Program Planning & Implementation provides you with complete confidence you have full compliance with all government regulations and mandates.

Infrastructure Operations

Consolidating and modernizing existing infrastructures, improving customer service, and reducing the total cost of operations through effective use of industry best practices are promises you hear from everyone. But with Technology System Integrator, you can talk to your counterparts for whom we have actually delivered on that promise. Our team can help you change opinions of IT from a "necessary cost center" to a valued partner providing a needed and trusted computing facility. We have demonstrated success in thwarting general and directed attacks keeping the valuable computing resources available. Our seasoned professionals can help you manage costs to a reasonable level, and help articulate the value your customers receive from your section of the budget.

Infrastructure Relocation

Changing locations is never easy, but our staff of experienced professionals can take most of the pain out of the experience. Moving workgroups or entire data centers begins with the right plan and the experience we bring to the task ensures there will be no surprises. From counseling to feasibility study to complete Project management and coordination, Technology System Integrator can make the relocation of your people and IT equipment a breeze. Just ask us about our plaques and letters of recommendation but make sure you have a few hours to listen!

Network Engineering and Architecture

Technology System Integrator provides comprehensive network planning, design, security, and engineering solutions that are able to meet the challenges of today's complex organizations and the threats of today's unending attacks. We are a leader of IPV6 planning, implementation and operations. Our clients include some of the most stringent demands for availability and security. Our teams have led planning efforts for secure networks that span the country and reach far overseas. Reliability? Speed? Security? Cost control? They are no problem for our experienced team of professionals to build into your network.

Information Assurance

Confidentiality! Availability! Integrity! These are the requirements of your IT environment. But how do you stack up against those requirements? What level of risk are you accepting without knowing it? Technology System Integrator has a team of trusted and experienced professionals to help answer those questions and help you migrate to an architecture and environment that you and your agency can rely on. Risk assessments, Technical security reviews, Penetration studies, Enterprise Security, Architecture Security program implementation, Privacy and data protection, and Training are just part of what we can do for you.

Software Development

At Technology System Integrator, we look at this as more than just writing code. We brought the discipline of our heritage in Program Management when we entered the world of software development. We approach every project using a well defined and well documented Systems Development Life Cycle. We take seriously, the maxim of "approximate in design means approximate in costs" so every project is well thought out and design elements are signed off by the client before we launch into construction. This does not mean that we can not be nimble. Our experience has taught us to recognize when "speed to market" overweighs all other factors including higher maintenance costs. We know what "iterative development" really means but more importantly, we know when, and when not, to use it!

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