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IT for Long-Term Care

Long-term care organizations are facing numerous challenges:

With the rapid deployment of complex IT implementations in healthcare, the need for enhanced IT support services has never been more urgent – and will only increase in the near future, particularly with ARRA requirements taking effect in 2011. It has never been truer that “meaningful use requires meaningful support.”

In addition, TSI’s advanced service desk professional are able to provide assistance between the major IT platforms while simultaneously dealing with the usual clinical processes. To complicate the situation, hospitals are often in transition between platforms, so they need support between the legacy applications and the new – simultaneously. It is simply not an efficient option to rely on two help desk support systems. TSI  modern service desk is able to do it all. See IT Support EMR for more


Our clinical and financial IT experts help to:
  • Through electronic orders, electronic eMARs and electronic documentation.
  • Activities of daily living (ADL) documentation
  • Prevent adverse drug events (ADEs)
  • Decrease hospitalizations
  • Access to information for proactive Performance Improvement and Risk Management efforts.
  • Improve legibility
  • Ensure accuracy, completeness and compliance in clinical documentation by automating the capture of information and integration with the Minimum Data Set (MDS)
  • Nurse aide ADL documentation
  • Discipline specific and interdisciplinary assessments & care plans
  • Improve information flow from the nursing unit to the billing department
  • Participate in Health Information Exchange (HIE) as in Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs)
  • Clinician recruitment & retention
  • Optimize cash flow
  • Be prepared for State Surveys, Joint Commission Guidelines and lower your liability and malpractice insurance premiums.
  • Information technology audits
  • Disaster Recovery planning
  • Withstand MDS compliance audits
  • Maximize staff time
  • Decrease task time & paperwork
  • Increase resident care time
  • Communication and workflow
  • HealthCare Technology Support

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Managed Services Packages
Enterprise Level Package:
 IT Support 24hrs a day including holidays on any type of Network Down Emergency
 IT Support from 8am to 8pm for Standard Network Services
 Unlimited Remote Network Services Support
 Unlimited Hardware Services Support
 Guaranteed 1-2hr On-Site Response time
 Dedicated Assigned Network Account Representative
Gold Level Packages:
 Support Monday-Friday for 9am to 5pm on any type of Network Down Emergency
 Guaranteed 1-3hr On-Site Response time.hr
 Unlimited Remote Network Services Support
 Unlimited Hardware Services Support
 Dedicated Assigned Network Account Representative
Silver Level Packages:
 Support Monday-Friday for 9am to 5pm on any type of Network Down Emergency
 Guaranteed 1-3hr On-Site Response time
 Unlimited Remote Network Services Support
 Unlimited Hardware Services Support

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