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Is it possible to save the planet and save money at the same time? As you may have guessed, IT IS POSSIBLE!! With a few clicks, TSI can make your computer more energy efficient, which in turn means lower emissions and a lower energy bill. Interested in hearing more? Of course you are…


With just a few tweaks from a TSI IT professional your computer can instantly be more energy efficient. There is not any hardware added to your current setup, it is all done by tweaking the settings correctly and installing software on the end user desktop or server, which can control the settings and automatically shut down computers on your network. This ensures that each computer is shut down at night and that computers are on for network maintenance.


 When it comes to servers there are different options, these options can be used individually or as a combination for greater energy savings. First, it is possible to install software called VMware, this software enables a single server to act as multiple servers, also called virtual machines. This means that you do not need to have two or more servers running in your server room, but only one actual machine. This will save the energy that the other servers would have used. On top of VMware, it is possible to make your server room shut down for weekends or other times when the servers are not in use for additional savings.


At TSI we care about the environment, and we do what we can to help the environment in our everyday operation. We felt that this was not enough, and therefore we developed our free GO Green assessment for our new clients to walk the Green walk with us. When a new client signs with TSI they automatically receive a network assessment and a GO Green assessment, which tells them how they can reduce their CO2 emissions.



TSI Go Green IT  is the leading advisor in sustainable Information and Communications Technology.

TSI Go Green IT   provides services to enable clients to drive measurable financial and environmental benefits from programs for IT Eco-Efficiency and IT Eco-Innovation.

TSI Go Green IT  is a progressive consultancy that serves clients in three primary markets:

         Leaders in IT, Finance, Marketing, and Corporate Social Responsibility actively involved in sustainability initiatives.

        Real Estate Professionals looking to make commercial property more competitive and environmentally responsible.

        IT System and Equipment Providers and Distributors.



If you are interested in discussing how your company can GO Green you can contact TSI today at 212-937-7874 


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