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For a small company good communication with customers and suppliers is critical. However, most small businesses cannot afford to buy or maintain an expensive phone system. TSI Tech Voice® has the perfect small business PBX solution. Our virtual phone system is not a high-priced system, but it has all the features of a high-priced system. TSI's small business phone system is not a small PBX system with limited capabilities. Instead, you're getting a feature-rich high-end PBX at very low cost. In the following some of the features you can do with a virtual phone system from TSI Tech Voice® are listed.

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Reduce Costs

Need VoIP?

Virtual PBX is the only hosted PBX provider to offer services aimed at users who already have VoIP phones or want to use a low-cost VoIP service. The Open SIP Peering technology allows businesses of any size to "mix-and-match" any approved SIP phone with their Virtual PBX, offering savings and advantages that are truly the best of both worlds.

With no hardware or software to buy or maintain, you save costs in many ways. There is no big capital outlay for a new system. You don't have to hire and train someone to do phone support. You get all the high-end features you need without paying extra. And you don't need to hire a receptionist to answer incoming calls, our small business phone system does it all for you.


Get a Professional Presence

You can greet your callers with a custom, professional business greeting every time they call. Your clients will know your company is a real, solid business. In addition you will get advanced features like TrueACD™ which intelligently route your callers to the right person, in the right department, at the right time, all the time.

Distribute Your Workforce

With a virtual phone system, you can route incoming calls to any type of phone, anywhere. This lets your employees work from the office, from home, work sites, or on the road. Try doing that with a typical small business PBX. You can even "Go Virtual" - move to a completely "virtual" office, eliminating the expense of office rent.

Pay as you grow

Small businesses often start with a small PBX and have to buy new systems as they grow - or else they pay too much up-front, trying to make sure their system will be big enough to handle future growth. Our small business phone system lets you start as small as you want and grow to unlimited size, while only paying for what you need.

A virtual phone service for small business takes advantage of the power of the Internet to handle call routing, which is changing how the small business telephone is viewed. Because these services use your existing phone lines, you do not have to spend any money on extra equipment, which keeps the price down while still giving you advanced communication capability.

Designed specifically with the small business in mind, these virtual phone number services give you the features you need at a price you can afford.

Small Business Phone Service Features

With our small-business PBX solution you will receive a powerful set of features that compares to that of a large corporation.

Some examples of the features included in a virtual phone service are the ability to screen inbound calls, call forwarding capability, complete voicemail systems, logging of calls so you know who called you and when, and an auto attendant PBX phone system that automatically answers and routes calls to the appropriate person.

In the recent past you would have had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a phone system that had these abilities. Now, by utilizing current technology, these features are accessible by companies of every size and fit into any budget.

Start-ups, small and medium growing firms and even home-based businesses are underserved by the telecommunications industry. But there are telephone systems that fit if you know where to look. Call us at Technology System Integrator and you will have to look no further.

Telephone systems have become very sophisticated in recent years, but for the most part, small businesses have been on the outside looking in. With the recent evolution in Voice over IP telephony (VoIP), the gap between what small business needs and what the market can offer is getting narrower.

While galloping technological advancements have ushered in amazing new features and inversely lower prices for most office equipment, full-featured phone systems have remained largely out of reach for small companies. You can afford a photo-realistic slim line desktop color printer now for a fraction of what it cost just a few years ago, and you can beam your appointment book back and forth from your wristwatch to your laptop for under a hundred bucks, but the prices of telephone systems have not decreased at the same rate. Most small companies are forced to cobble together telephone solutions with a combination of multi-line telephones, answering machines and costly monthly telephone company services.

Technology System Integrator phone systems are far more powerful than a normal telephone solution for small businesses, offering flexible automated call answering features, call messaging and call routing that can improve a company's professional image, control communication costs and increase connectivity and responsiveness.

IP Phone System

The TSI IP phone system is a completely integrated system that scales seamlessly from 1 to 10,000 users including PBX, voice mail, and automated attendant functions.

TSI's system is built from the ground up and designed to be the easiest to use, easiest to manage, full-featured, IP phone system on the market today. Its distributed architecture is ideal for multi-site companies that span multiple locations because the TSI IP phone system appears and behaves as a single, unified system. Contact Technology System Integrator today to find out what we can offer your business.


Business Phone Service Provider, VOIP, PBX, New York, NY


Business Phone Service Provider, VOIP, PBX, New York, NY



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