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TSI specialises in the supply and installation of Structured Data Cabling Systems. This sector of the Computing Industry has been our core business since the company was founded in 1991. With highly qualified engineers located throughout the US, TSI is well placed to provide an efficient and highly competent installation, to meet most requirements. Whether the need is for ad hoc outlets or for a fully upgraded network installation, TSI  has the ability and workmanship allied with our competitive pricing structure. 

- UTP/FTP Category 5E, Category 6 & 6A
- Fibre Optic Installation and Splicing,
- Blown Fibre Campus Wide Installations
- Traditional Voice Cabling Block Wiring.
- Small Power Electrical Installations.


We have come to expect a new data cabling category, such as Cat6a or Cat7a, every few years but it seems this may no longer be the case. At the May bi-annual meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 standards committee, it was made clear that and increases in speed would be achieved by having new network standards across shorter lengths of existing categories of cable. This would met the requirements of data centres where equipment is closer together and longer distances are handled by fibre.

Cat7a, highly shielded against noise and crosstalk, and rated for transmission frequencies of up to 1000 MHz, will be the basis for future development of high-bandwidth audiovisual and data services.

Data Cabling

Copper cabling is always evolving to keep up with new processor speeds, software applications and protocols.

Cat5 (10/100Mbps) was always deemed to be sufficient a few years back but even that is now obsolete. We have seen the change from Cat5 to Cat5e and then to Cat6. Cat5e again was the installation of choice as it could send gigabit over the network. But recently around 80% of new installs are in Cat6 as this allows for the maximum life span and return on investment. Also due to how Cat6 is manufactured it allows for less repeat transmissions and network down time.


New developments in cabling now allow for Cat6a and even Cat7 cables. These are not too common at present but as history has shown, these cabling systems will be the preferred choice in the not so near future.


Structured Cabling
TSI offers a wide variety of Structured Cabling services in the New York metropolitan area. Our experience and dedication to excellence is hard to match as we strive to best align business strategies with business technology.

Voice and Data Cabling
Facsimile Cabling
Paging Systems
Adds, Moves, and Changes
Building to Building
New and Old Buildings
Cabling Repairs
Single and Multiple Floors
Cat 3, Cat 5, and Cat 6

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