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TSI 24/7 Dedicated Help Desk

TSI is your 24/7 Dedicated Help Desk Technical Support Nation Wide, We do it all in the name of TSI your Quality IT Experts.
TSI Help Desk Support Services provide unlimited fixed tech support, we that it from the start, hardware or software diagnosis, we can fix any technical issue and implementation of technology solutions best for you business. For ease of budgeting.

TSI will customize cost within you budget, to provide you with our unlimited Help Desk Support.

Looking for simple but powerful help desk Support ? a company that give you the control with our customer portal manage tickets, organize your contacts, and assign tasks to the TSI helpdesk team.

Customer Portal Help Desk
Receive tickets via customer portal or email
Assign tickets to the TSI Held Desk IT Support Team
Create tickets while browsing network assets
Track tickets by user, asset, due date & more

TSI Help Desk Offers Proactive Total Support Coverage:
Central point of contact for technical support
Knowledge Base or continuous user support
Onsite Tech Support and maintenance support
Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, Mac Tech support
Contact with vendors about data problems

Emergency Help Desk Tech Support

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As mentioned above, clients who select our Signature Network Support plan benefit from our emergency tech support, which comes with a Rapid 1 hour Response Guarantee that ensures you�ll have a technician on-site to address your situation within 2 hours of your call. How many help desk outsourcing companies can make that promise and keep it not many.

Help Desk Remote Management System
With the use of innovative Remote System Monitoring, Help Desk engineers can provide state-of-the-art software maintenance and system troubleshooting to the customer 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, with technical support on-call.

The Remote System Monitoring provides our Help Desk engineers with the ability to identify problems before the customer notices. In addition, this system assists customers with system administration, and field engineers with troubleshooting. Our Help Desk engineers have the ability to see exactly what the user sees, enabling them to save - recreate the problem, as well as locate its source easily and efficiently.


We Develop Application for all Industry

Help Desk Management, Help Desk Technical Support, IT Management Help Desk Support, Cisco Help Desk, Dell Help Desk, Help Desk Management, Remote Help Desk

  • Financial: Applications Development and Support
  • Business: Development and Support
  • Advertising:  For Corporate and Industry
  • Medical Applications Development s
  • Educational Applications Development
  • Communication: VoIP Soft Phone
  • Music Applications Developmens
  • Social networking such as Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace and Twitter


The efficient and effective provision of help desk and support services are a valuable business asset. The software we choose to use is key to  our customers satisfaction, helping them to overhead cost control and productivity or service lifespan.

A proactive it help desk is a must in today's economic and regulatory environment. IT-dependent organizations must focus on establishing better control over servicing the customers of the IT department. In addition, cost reductions are a necessity in today's economy. And, internal support groups are a frequent cost reduction target. Help desks and desktop support teams need to ensure that their services are clearly defined and aligned with the business requirements

Even though most IT dependent organizations have help desk centers, the strategic advantage of the help desk is not well understood by senior management. They often see the help desk budget as a black hole without any real benefit to the organization because it does not generate revenue. As a result, help desk managers, like everyone else supporting the technology-enabling initiatives of the enterprise, continually face the challenge of accomplishing more with fewer resources

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Managed Services Packages
Enterprise Level Package:
 IT Support 24hrs a day including holidays on any type of Network Down Emergency
 IT Support from 8am to 8pm for Standard Network Services
 Unlimited Remote Network Services Support
 Unlimited Hardware Services Support
 Guaranteed 1-2hr On-Site Response time
 Dedicated Assigned Network Account Representative
Gold Level Packages:
 Support Monday-Friday for 9am to 5pm on any type of Network Down Emergency
 Guaranteed 1-3hr On-Site Response time.hr
 Unlimited Remote Network Services Support
 Unlimited Hardware Services Support
 Dedicated Assigned Network Account Representative
Silver Level Packages:
 Support Monday-Friday for 9am to 5pm on any type of Network Down Emergency
 Guaranteed 1-3hr On-Site Response time
 Unlimited Remote Network Services Support
 Unlimited Hardware Services Support

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