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With the rapid deployment of complex IT implementations in healthcare, the need for enhanced IT support services has never been more urgent – and will only increase in the near future, particularly with ARRA requirements taking effect in 2011. It has never been truer that “meaningful use requires meaningful support.”
In addition, TSI’s advanced service desk professional are able to provide assistance between the major IT platforms while simultaneously dealing with the usual clinical processes. To complicate the situation, hospitals are often in transition between platforms, so they need support between the legacy applications and the new – simultaneously. It is simply not an efficient option to rely on two help desk support systems. TSI  modern service desk is able to do it all.
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Stop missing opportunities, worrying about security and sacrificing patient care to deal with frustrating IT Support issues.
TSI Tech Support MSP understands the complexities and demands of implementing the right IT for security, efficiency and compliance within the medical community. That’s why we’ve provided reliable healthcare IT support and solutions to medical practices like yours since 2005.
Your healthcare computer software must be integrated for speed and reliability, doctors and administrators need network access at all times, and HIPAA regulations and other government mandates regarding Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are forcing you to automate and review your healthcare IT Support services. That’s where were your team of EMR consultants and a top-notch EHR consultant can help..
Health Care EMR Installation and Integration; practice management software installation; PAC System integration; installation of other medical software product your medical practice might require. We are EMR integration experts and work with all major EMR providers. We will support your practice during the entire installation and integration process - from selection to implementation to maintenance.
Do you desire a technology partner that is healthcare focused and local?
We provide medical practice management software,  electronic medical records software, healthcare technology support, healthcare IT services, healthcare computer services and outsourced IT support for healthcare providers.  If you need a technology partner, let us help your healthcare practice today

Healthcare Medicial Security Awareness and Training of Workforce

TSI provide a training program to raise awareness of HIPAA rights. Every individual in the organization must be trained on a regular basis (Including all management personnel). Training should be provided to include employee awareness, password safeguarding and changing, workstation access, software use, virus and malware information and other mission critical operations.


Healthcare Medicial Records and Information Access

Policies should define roles on who can have what access to programs and information. These policies should further define the roles in information technology of the IT  support personnel who have the rights to modify the access.


Healthcare Medicial Incident Response

Policies and procedures should be implemented to include incident response. This information should be used to identify security incidents and how to respond to such incidents. The security officer for the organization along with management should evaluate the effects of any incidents. Documentation of any incidents should be made along with the outcomes for the possible modification of the policies along with the ending result of the incident to prevent any further incidents.


Healthcare Medicial Contingency and Emergency Operations Plan

Policies and Procedures should include the Disaster Backup and Recovery plan to ensure the business can continue operations in the event of a disaster. This information includes the team that keeps the business going, recovering lost data, testing of backup procedures and replacement of equipment.


Healthcare Medicial Hardware, Software and Transmission Security

Organizations should have a hardware firewall in place along with professional versions of operating systems. Transmission of personal information should be encrypt and comply with HIPAA rulings. Operating Systems should be hardened and up to date. Policies should cover the updating of hardware, hardware firmware, software, operating systems and applications. Data integrity control should be in place for data and data transmission.


Healthcare Medicial Audit Control

Procedure audit mechanisms should be in place for all hardware, software and data control. This information should be reviewed by the security supervisor on a regular basis.


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